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The Rudolf Steiner Library is the lending and mail-order library of the Anthroposophical Society in America. Borrowing service is free for members.

The Denver Branch Library


Located at:

Denver Waldorf School

940 Fillmore St

Denver, CO 80206


Before coming to browse, please call the school to see if the library is accessible when you wish to visit - (303) 777-0531


It is in need of some shelving organizing and ideas. For members interested in helping with this worthwhile initiative that will serve our community by having these at your disposal for loan.


When coming to browse the library please check in at the front desk. School regulations require check in at the front desk. The room is shared and could be in use.


of the Anthroposophical Society

Soul of Man!

Thou livest in the Limbs

Which bear thee through the world of space

Into the ocean-being of the Spirit.

Practice Spirit-recollection

In depths of soul,

Where in the wielding


Thine own I comes to being

Within the l of God.

Then in the AII-World-beng of Man

Thou wilt truly live.


For the Father-Spirit of the Heights holds sway

In Depths of Worlds begetting Life.

Spirits of Strength! (Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones)

Let there ring out from the Heights

What in the Depths be echoed,


From God, Mankind has Being, (Ex Deo Nascimur)

The Elemental Spirits hear It

In East, West, North and South:

May human beings hear it!


Soul of Man!

Thou livest in the beat of Heart and Lung

Which leads thee through the rhythmic tides of Time

Into the feeling of thine own Soul-being.

Practice Spirit-mindfulness

In balance of the soul.

Where the surging

Deeds of the World's Becoming

Do thine own I unite

Unto the I of the World.

Then 'mid the weaving of the Soul of Man

Thou wilt truly feel.


For the Christ-Will in the encircling Round holds sway

In the Rhythms of the Worlds, blessing the soul.

Spirits of Light! (Kyriotetes, Dynamis, Exusiai)

Let there be fired from the East

What through the West is formed,


In Christ, Death becomes Life. (In Christo Morimur)

The Elemental Spirits hear it

In East, West, North and South:

May human beings hear it!


Soul of Man!

Thou livest in the resting Head

Which from the ground of the Eternal

Opens to thee the Thoughts of Worlds.

Practice Spirit-vision

In quietness of Thought,

Where the eternal aims of Gods

World-Being's Light

Do thine own I bestow

For they free Willing.

Then from the ground of the Spirit in Man

Thou wilt truly think.


For the Spirit's Universal Thoughts hold sway

In the Being of all Worlds, craving for Light.

Spirits of Soul! (Archai, Archangels, Angels)

Let this be prayed in the Depths

And from the Heights be answered,


In the Spirit's Universal Thoughts, the soul awakens.

(Per Spiritum Sanctum Reviviscimus)

The Elemental Spirts hear it

In East, West, North and South:

May human beings hear it!


At the turning-point of Time

The Spirit-Light of the World

Entered the stream of Earthly Being:

Darkness of Night

Had held its sway;

Day-radiant Light

Poured into the souls of men:

Light that gives warmth

To simple Shepherd's Hearts

Light that enlightens

The wise Heads of Kings.

O Light Divine,

O Sun of Christ!

Warm Thou our Hearts,

Enlighten Thou our Heads,

That good may become

What from our Hearts we would found

And from our Heads direct

With single purpose.



The leading publisher of Rudolf Steiner's work in English. By purchasing from Steiner Books you make it possible for continuing publication.

Donations of old books


Frances Quinn is the volunteer "Book Legacy Coordinator". She will assist donors and recipients of books by Rudolf Steiner and secondary anthroposophical authors in finding each other. Some limited information on selling books will be available but Frances will assist only with donations. Her email is

Rudolf Steiner


Dale Brunsvold of Denver offers recordings of Rudolf Steiner's Lectures and Books for free download at either: - as mps files

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