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"it should also be possible for a unity of consciousness to arise in the whole Society which will happen if the initiative and ideas that emerge at different places become known everywhere. Then only shall we grow, from a chaos of separate Groups, into a Society with a real spiritual content."


- Rudolf Steiner from "Leading Thoughts"

Four years ago, in November 2013, we held our first “Inner (Spiritual) Resistance” Conference at Auschwitz.  This year, again in November, we will return to Auschwitz, and we invite you to join us in listening to, affirming, remembering, mourning, and bearing inner spiritual witness to the millions of victims and survivors—never forgetting that the philosophy implicit in Hitlerism did not die with Hitler, but continues to infect the world and requires constant inner, spiritual resistance. Above all, then, we return to deepen our commitment:


to affirm the all-humanity of humanity and the absolute value and dignity of every human life;

to affirm the mystery of life itself and what it is to live;

to affirm the primacy of the other, of relationship, of the healing power of selfless love;

to affirm thought, language, and science purified of violence, power, control, and domination;

to affirm the overcoming of fear and egotism, and the development of selflessness and love able

    to transform evil and death

Auschwitz-Birkenau continues to summon us to inner, spiritual resistance to all forms of racism, genocide, religious and ideological bigotry, prejudice, exclusion, and marginalization, as well all assaults on human dignity and the sanctity of life. Temporally, it is part of history, but it is also an ever-present spiritual reality. To be there is to recognize a permanent, initiatory spiritual presence.


TO EXPERIENCE THE CAMPS IS INITIATORY: an awakener of the capacities needed for inner resistance. The concrete encounter with their spiritual mood, presence, atmosphere, and their history as displayed in the Museum, is revelatory and deeply moving. There will be guided tours to both camps, as well as a morning left open for silence and listening, individual and smaller group revisits and experiences. Talks by Dr. Krzysztof Antonczyk, Peter Selg, and Christopher Bamford will seek to place these experiences in context, as well as indicate ways in which they may be carried forward. There will also be extended time for conversation and the sharing of insights, feelings, and thoughts.




at Rudolf Steiner College, 9200 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA


From an esoteric point of view the purpose of human life on earth is to learn how to transform fixed beliefs into flexibility of soul. This transformation takes place when individuals consciously engage their inner life by establishing an inner work practice. The inner life course will focus on the methods for establishing such an inner work practice. Working imaginatively with alchemical symbols and motifs from the natural world will be the daily activity each day. Lectures on the physiological basis for cognition and the feeling life will be followed by practical exercises in imagination as a tool for spiritual research. Afternoons will be devoted to engaging the principles of personal ritual as a means for strengthening the soul forces so necessary for deepening spiritual insight.

Topics will include:

alchemy of dreams

challenges of the threshold

principles of personal ritual

creating sacred space

and navigating inner planes.


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