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Announcement for the journal "Deepening Anthroposophy"

Deepening Anthroposophy is an independently founded newsletter by and for English-speaking members of the Anthroposophical Society worldwide. It is intended to follow through on Rudolf Steiner’s observation that the impulse of the Christmas Conference can most effectively be cultivated in a space where we are able to deepen our conversations and anthroposophical work together as members.


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Volume 2, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2018


Issue Authors: Gopi Krishna Vijaya, Stephen E. Usher, PhD, Andrew Linnell, Rosemary McMullen, David Adams, Patrick English

MysTech is an organization that was founding in 2017 as a clearinghouse of thought and research into the ideal of a moral technology built from out of a Goethean scientific understanding of the world and the inner development of the human being to power and animate these technologies of the future.


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NNA News


News for civil society


Make It Known!

Anthroposophy Offers a Spiritual Path for Our Times


by Sara Ciborski


The editor of Being Human has given permission for this valuable reprint so we can make it available to you.



On Going Off the Deep End


by Michael Ronall


This link will take you to an exceptional essay by Michael Ronall on two different ways to approach and work with Anthroposophy both with 100% validity.  It is being presented here with the permission of the author.


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