The Arts in Anthroposophy

Sound Circle Eurythmy

The full-time Training in Boulder is now closed.  Please contact David-Michael at for events, performances, and intensive classes for adults and/or children.


To inquire about Therapeutic Eurythmy please contact Glenda at

Anyone with further questions, please contact SCE at 303 484-5559 or by writing

Sol-ETUDES: A Eurythmy Recital


Sol-ETUDES: A Eurythmy Recital Gabrielle Armenier, eurythmy Azer Damirov, violin Georgy Gusev, cello Brigitte Armenier, piano Filmed live at the Lincoln Theater.

The Mystery Dramas of Rudolf Steiner

The Denver Branch sponsors an on-going reading study of the Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner. Our goal in this study is to achieve an understanding of the plays; we choose roles for each weekend reading. We discuss Anthroposophical concepts and other themes as they arise in the course of encountering the plays. The study provides a great tool for an enthusiastic study of Rudolf Steiner’s work in Anthroposophy.


From Jennifer Thomson Art Retreat Video

Jennifer Thomson

Crestone, CO based artist Jennifer Thomson. She received her training in Dornach, Switzerland which included Rudolf Steiners indications on color. See her blog for samples of Jennifer's work. - click here to see a video of 2013 Art Retreat and click here to see a tour of her studio and art.

"An Artist's Workbook"

by Jennifer Thomson


Exercises in Observation, Memory & Imagination


This book is meant for the person that wants to pursue art in a new way.  It is a spring board to inspire artist in the visual arts towards a different approach to color and painting. The book is 48 pages with 45 exercises, quotes, poetry  and photos of my paintings. These exercises are a few that I have collected through my work as a student, teacher and professional artist.


Order your copy today by downloading this form.

Charles Andrade

Artist and Lazurist, Charles Andrade paints in the color-field style that has evolved from his initial training in Anthroposophic Art therapy. He was also schooled in Lazure, a unique European wall treatment creating healing interior environments. He lectures and teaches fine art as well as Lazure workshops in Waldorf Schools worldwide.   For more information about the artist:

Art by Charles Andrade

Christa Valdez

Lazure Painting





Custom Lazure painting in homes, offices, etc. Based in Denver but happy to travel!


"Lazure is a medium that involves several watercolor-like applications veiled over each other to create rather subtle hue variations as well as a translucent effect. The reason for this is that with a lazured room, one does not experience the boundary of the wall as abruptly as with the flat painted surface. It is as though one can “breathe” beyond the surface of the wall and not feel as contained or bound by the room’s walls."

Click here to see more photos of Christa's work

Art by Christa Valdez

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