The Denver Branch Group

The Michael Group of Denver study




The studies will be at the Christian Community 2180 South Madison St., Denver, CO on Mondays at 7:30. The book is available at the RS Archive. Contact Caron Scanlan at with questions.



Fort Collins Study Group



Contact Kristen Puckett,

How to Know Higher Worlds


Every other Tuesdays

with Tom Altgelt


Join us for a group of beginning study to explore how Rudolf Steiner’s life work of

Anthroposophy might become meaningful and useful in daily life.


Dates: Tuesdays, Every Other Week


Time: 7pm to 9pm


Location: 4th Grade Classroom at

Shining Mountain Waldorf School


Contact: Tom Altgelt, 303-601-8601 - for additional information








"Where homemakers are working out of spiritual understanding, that is where the new society will arise. The homemaker’s whole existence stands at the center of one of the greatest changes ever to take place in human history.” The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker, Manfred Schmidt-Brabant

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