The Denver Branch Group

The Michael Group of Denver study

The studies will be in the Fireside Room at the Christian Community, 2180 South Madison St., Denver, CO on Mondays at 7:30. The book is available at the RS Archive. Email with questions.




We will be studying Occult Science - An Outline (also known as An Outline of Esoteric Science, and as An Outline of Occult Science).


We will be using the translation by George and Mary Adams, Rudolf Steiner press.


Fort Collins Study Group

Contact Kristen Puckett,

Colorado (Front Range) High Plains Biodynamic Study Group


For information on Biodynamic farms, apprenticeships, trainings, and conference/workshop opportunities contact Ben Turner, (303) 818-5686. Or Kim Youngblood,


Colorado (Front Range) High Plains Biodynamic Study Group is located in Boulder, CO.


Ben and Kim offer hands-on biodynamic classes and workshops, as well as personal consultations and farm site visits to help get your farm or garden up and running using Biodynamic principles and methods.


Ben serves as the volunteer Colorado and Mountain West Coordinator for the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP) For more information visit on the NABDAP PROGRAM, please visit:

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