Agriculture Webinars for 2022

with Enzo Nastati

An Expansion of the Koberwitz Agriculture Course with Enzo Nastati will continue in 2022

on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month

12.00 – 2.00 p.m. Mountain Time


January  21

February 4 & 18

March 4 & 18

April 1 & 15

May 6 & 20

June 3 & 17

The webinar series is freely offered on a “by donation” basis. Donations for this Agriculture Course or to support the future research work and more webinar offerings should be directed to Arca della Vita in Italy through the link below.
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PLEASE NOTE: These webinars are run from Italy with the support of Viva la Vida for the translation service and for transcripts of the webinars. When you register for the seminar, your information only goes to Italy. IF you wish to receive notices from Viva la Vida about future offerings, IF you wish to receive transcripts or any other supporting documents for these courses in English, you MUST CONTACT US DIRECTLY. You may do that through the email link below.

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Recordings of the webinars are available on YouTube by searching: Nastati Koberwitz
Please visit our websites for more information. Arca della Vita supports the spiritual and practical research of Enzo in Italy. Considera in the UK offers books by Enzo as well as many other useful materials. Viva la Vida offers transcripts and videos of past seminars with Enzo as well as documents with instructions about various exercises and meditations Enzo has taught us over the years.