Our Annual Conference: Registration Open

UpdateDetails of our annual fall conference are now online – click here.

The annual conference planning group has been meeting together since last fall. Throughout this time, we have had to shift and change our work to meet the country and world in this extraordinary moment in history.

Here is a snapshot of the evolution of our study together and the progression to our theme and title . . .

After the 2019 annual conference in October when Portland, Oregon was chosen as our next conference location, we read The Culture of Selflessness by Peter Selg. We studied this text with special attention to “The Mystery of the Earth” by Ita Wegman, written in 1929, but amazingly applicable to 2020. A healing gesture towards the earth and humanity permeates the book. Wegman writes, “In the new community, free individuals find each other in the spirit of truth, and the perception of truth becomes love.”

This January, we began working with the Warmth Meditation. This meditation was given to doctors by Rudolf Steiner. Little did we know a global pandemic was emerging. We also brought in the Bridge Meditation, which is being worked with and translated by General Secretaries and country representatives across the globe. This helped to deepen our connection to this moment in time as a bridge between the past and future existence.

Things continued to move, grow, shift, and crumble over the next few months and it became clear that due to travel concerns and large gathering restrictions, we must move our conference online. From all our study and contemplation of this time, our theme and conference title emerged — Willing The Good: Love, Action, Healing.

Within the tumult and beauty of this moment, we humbly invite you to join us October 9, 10, & 11 in our online community space for Willing The Good: Love, Action, Healing, the ASA annual conferenceSpeakers and workshop presenters include Thea Maria Carlson, Peter Selg, Margaret Shipman, Harrie Salman and more.

Please note that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ASA will also be held online the same week.

Stay tuned for details about workshops and keynotes plus exact times and dates for the AGM and the full conference! Registration opens August 15.

With warmth and love,

Angela Foster, Timothy Kennedy, Micky Leach, Patricia Lynch, Tess Parker & Laura Scappaticci 

The Annual Conference Planning Committee
~ Much gratitude for the original art work by p.homan lynch ~

P.S. Happy St. John’s! Download this original St. John’s story by ASA member Sherry Wildfeuer to read and celebrate.