Announcing a new initiative in Speech and Drama

We wish to do a public reading of The Portal of Initiation, by Rudolf Steiner, with members of the Denver and Boulder communities. Please join us.
The idea is to take parts and read this drama as a production-in-progress aloud as a community project engaging in one of the most significant accomplishments of Rudolf Steiner.
We will read Scenes Four, Five, Six and Seven.

Fireside Room of the Christian Community to hear it.
This will happen on January 12, 2020, at 1:00 p.m.

Everyone is welcome to participate or to join us as audience.

“The warm and magic power of words,
That here I listen to,
Streams down into my hands
And flows through them….”

The Other Maria, scene one, The Portal of Initiation
“… if people would exert themselves to some degree to read what is in it (The Portal of Initiation) – not between the lines but right in the words themselves, though certainly in a spiritual sense…to try to work with the drama, I would not have to give any more lectures for a long time.”

“It is much more practical, however, to do this as a group rather than as single individuals.”

– Rudolf Steiner
Three Lectures on the Mystery Dramas

If you are interested in taking part in this as an artistic project, please let us know. There are eighteen roles to be read; many of the roles are already cast with anthroposophists for Boulder and from Denver; some roles are still available. There will be several copies of the script, translated by Ruth and Hans Pusch, available and we plan to have a rehearsal or two for late December, to be announced as soon as we know who would like to participate.

Stanford Paris:
Jo Mitchell-Hutton: