Hello all…

Just a few of us are keeping the vigil….the verse, the reading, the review, alone at home each weekend… but it is worth it.  And I really enjoy it when someone writes back after the reading.  Though the experience of meeting another one in meditation or while in spiritual realms is well documented in the dramas, it is welcome confirmation to share thoughts in email afterwards.

We read Scene Three this weekend.  This is a difficult one; it is hard to pinpoint the motivations and the cause/effects for each character and each spiritual being.  Yet, the feeling at the end of the scene is one of satisfaction!

As any good scene from these dramas, we deepen our experience of the scene with our own questions, our own recognitions of experiences.  We actually recognize what is going on from our own experience.  We  learn that Lucifer needs mankind; he fears the “I,” and he works best when the consciousness goes to personality, not the essential “I.”  But there is wisdom to be gained; we learn that sacrifice and love are closely related; through consciousness we can set the self free.

There are  bunch of paradoxes and polarizations in the scene to contemplate; there is movement from wanting to knowing, from desire to thought.  To serve the gods?… by opposition, to set challenges on our paths.    We try to understand why Lucifer is able to influence Johannes’  Double to pursue Theodora with passion (by way of a connection in a former lifetime, though he makes the statement about debts owed from previous lifetimes early in the scene).  We try to understand the essence of a solemn vow and how that can be so powerful.

Some of the comments from our fellow readers about this experience of reading together from a distance:

“….those who have not faced the essential nature of the I; those like Capesius,who possess some powers of seership and can only
learn, but not cause harm, there; and those like Maria who can enter consciously. At least that is how I understand it.”

“ I relaxed much more than I ever had before.  This allowed me perhaps to hear, albeit in my own voice,  questions to consider in a
new way (like Capesius, can I countenance my ‘I’ in Lucifer’s realm? like Maria, can I consecrate my cognitions?).”

and my own:  Lucifer’s exclamation at the end of the scene “I mean to fight!” (Ramsbotham’s “Then I will fight!”)  And Benedictus’
counter, “and fighting serve the Gods!.”  I want to know serving the gods.

We will meet again in distance this weekend, Saturday, May 16, at 10:15 a..m., to read Scene Four and perhaps Scene Five of The Guardian of the Threshold.

“See” you then.

“Light’s weaving essence radiates
through far-flung spaces,
to fill the world with life.
Love’s blessing pours its warmth
through time’s long ages
to call forth revelation of all worlds.
And messengers of spirit join
light’s weaving  essence
with revelation of the soul.
And when with both the human being
can join his own true self,
he is alive in spirit heights.”
– Portal of Initiation, Sc.3

Stanford Paris