The 12 Senses:
Thresholds between Spirit and Embodiment


Tuesday Night Series

Tuesday, October 6th 5:45 – 8:00 pm (Mountain time, USA), first of six sessions

Our senses function as portals to reality—and as blockades. When we become aware of 12 senses—beyond the traditional 5—we realize how aware we can become … and how shut-down we are most of the time. The senses can become doorways through which we can experience more of what is all around us yet we don’t perceive—to help us build relationships with intelligences vaster than ours, and to build resilience in ourselves needed for these changing times. And to enhance the full experience of life everyday. We use the wheel of 12 zodiacal signs as mytho-poetic aids to understand the senses that we have as potential, and to help us open up our windows to worlds of wonder.
Experience 12 Senses in this six session, online course with Lila and David Tresemer.