Waldorf 101:

A Course for Early Childhood and Grades Assistants, Parents, Grandparents, Board Members, and Friends of Waldorf Education

With Signe Motter plus CfA Staff and senior faculty

Signe Motter, an experienced school leader and founder, long-time Waldorf teacher, mother, and grandmother, will carry this class together with daily offerings by our experienced staff and longtime faculty: Douglas Gerwin, Milan Daler, and others.

We have long wished to offer a course to support educators in both independent and public Waldorf schools by providing an introductory course in anthroposophy. This course will benefit parents, grandparents, or prospective Waldorf teachers who are interested in understanding more about this philosophy. We also think that our schools will be greatly supported if early childhood or grades’ assistants are able to study with seasoned teachers embedded in this Renewal culture, where destiny paths meet and inspiring evening performances and lectures support the joy of sharing.

We will offer a rich overview of the essential aspects of the human being––the foundation of the age-appropriate curriculum shared by all our schools––and will study themes from Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path by Rudolf Steiner in lively conversation. Each afternoon session will include supportive exercises in painting and clay modeling, along with daily singing and eurythmy.

This seminar is recognized as a capstone course in “foundational studies” by Antioch University New England and the Center for Anthroposophy. (Foundational studies in anthroposophy and the arts are a prerequisite for Waldorf teacher training.)

Topics that may guide the discussions include:

  • How to understand more deeply human beings and their tasks in today’s world
  • How meditative practices and self-development help us to work more creatively
  • How anthroposophy deepens the human encounter in the context of our journey through evolution
  • The role of the arts in schooling the capacity to discern the questions that live in our hearts
  • Anthroposophy as an agent for change in the fashioning of community

We will have time to discuss shared readings, explore the deeper influences that are shaping current events, and enjoy artistic practices together.

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