Whole Child Treatments for Fever and Earache
January 25th, 2020, 10am-12:30pm at the Denver Waldorf School
2100 S. Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO 80210

Come and learn natural treatments for fever and earache, using holistic approaches which have worked for generations of families. This workshop will combine surprising research about the role of fever in childhood immune development, how you can work at home to support strong immune activity, plus time for hands-on demonstration of effective home nursing treatments. This approach combines knowledge that your great-grandmother probably knew with modern research and holistic perspectives on health, as there is more and more evidence that excessive use of antibiotics and fever suppressants in early life contribute to greater risks of asthma, hayfever, food allergies, and even celiac disease. There are good alternatives that are safe, simple, and effective. These are tools we think every parent should know about—please invite anyone else you think will be interested.  All are welcome!

The workshop is offered by Adam Blanning MD, Rianne Clark FNP, Tina Galgon-Herr RN, and Dona Totten RN.
The workshop is offered for free, a new year’s gift to the community!

We are interested in supporting community health on many levels, so will be collecting donations during the workshop to benefit Angelica Village, a non-profit organization which supports families seeking refuge from war and violence, as well as individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Donations are strictly optional, but we hope the workshop can benefit this important work.  Suggested donation range is $5-$50.

We would appreciate it if you would RSVP so that we can be sure to have enough supplies on hand for the nursing demonstrations.
You can RSVP here.