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Adam Blanning, MD

Dr. Blanning is the founder of The Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies in downtown Denver, CO.


Philip Incao, MD

Philip Incao recently passed inMarch of 2022 however his website still has many relevant articles.


Masage Therapy

Rhythmical Massage


Margaretha Hauschka developed Rhythmical Massage (also called Hauschka Massage) following indications by Ita Wegman MD and inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Dona M. Totten, RN and RMT

Offering Rhythmical Massage and nursing care in the Denver, CO area.

Dona M. Totten



Judy Lucas, LMT

Heart Through Hands

Offering Rhythmical Massage in the Denver, CO area.




Natural Transition

Conscious, holistic approaches to the end of life

7 Steps YOU Can Take To Transform The Life Of A Veteran With PTSD

Indiegogo crowd funding campaign – this film really can transform the lives of veterans with PTSD,  POST TERROR SOUL DISTRESS. And it can show you the vital role you, as a civilian, have in making that happen (the 7 Steps anyone can take). Website

Light Therapy

Helios Center for Therapeutic Arts


PAAM – Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine

Dear friends and colleagues,

As we mentioned in December, the FDA recently released a Revised Draft Guidance on Homeopathy in late October 2019 (click here to read it).

Although the new October 2019 guidance has some helpful changes, it also has some detrimental ones. Unfortunately, the detrimental ones are very detrimental, and those of us who want to protect the future of homeopathy in America must now pressure the FDA to revise this guidance considerably. The homeopathic community, including PAAM, continues to be in dialogue with legal counsel and with the FDA, but is essential that we have a 180-day extension in order to respond adequately to the FDA. More time is needed to analyze the complex legal and policy matters arising from this latest guidance so that we can respond appropriately and completely.

If the current Draft Guidance is approved by the FDA, it will mean the end of the availability of many low-potency remedies used in Anthroposophic Medicine and homeopathy. It will risk the elimination of non-oral and non-topical remedies that are often used in anthroposophic medicine. The Revised Draft Guidance also gives too broad of discretionary powers that would allow the FDA to designate any homeopathic remedy “high risk” and can require that the remedy be considered a non-FDA-approved new drug that would then require an expensive and unlikely drug-approval process. That means that when the FDA removes a homeopathic remedy from the market, it will be the equivalent of banning it forever. Those who believe they will simply be able to order homeopathic remedies from abroad will be in for a rude surprise. The FDA will stop shipments of homeopathic remedies that have been effectively banned in the United States at the border.

Please take action today by reading through this updated letter from Americans for Homeopathic Choice, which contains a link to a newly-updated comment form (the link is also provided here). Even if you have already made a comment to the FDA, please comment again using this updated form. Once you follow the link you can use the ready-made comments provided, you can compose your own comments, or you can combine the provided comments with your own, just as long as your voice is heard by the FDA, Congress, the Vice President and the President.

So far we’ve generated 24,000 comments, but we need two to three times that, so please, submit another comment using the link above, before January 23rd, and forward this email to everyone you know, encouraging them to also take action.

Thank you for your attention and support!

For the PAAM Board,

Ricardo Bartelme, MD