School of Spiritual Science

Class members of the School of Spiritual Science meet monthly for conversations and lessons on meditative work.

All these meetings require a blue card for admission.

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This year there will be a conversation, or a study, offered before each of the lessons.  The Class Member Conversations will continue to center around our individual work with the mantrams, the only preparation asked is that one is working to find a relationship to the class lessons in one’s meditative life.  The study of Sergei Prokofieff’s book The First Class of the Michael School and its Christological Foundations will meet during the intervening months, and will cover particular sections of the book, which should be read and studied ahead of time.

Please note that the class conversations begin at 2:30pm, the Prokofieff study sessions at 2:00pm (half an hour earlier).  It is important that both the conversation and study start and finish on time, so please treat these sessions as you treat the class lessons. Late arrivals may not be admitted.

Current Schedule


The Christian Community
2180 South Madison
Denver 80210

In the event that a lesson needs to be canceled for snow storms or other unforeseen events, we will plan to meet for the lesson the following Saturday.  We will contact you to confirm that plan, should the need arise.

Please remember to arrive early, as the door promptly closes and is locked at 4pm.

There is an additional study for members on this book associated with the Class readings.


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