Bio-Dynamic Farms


“Viva la Vida”

Means, literally, Live the Life, or The Good Life. Viva la Vida is a 501(c)(3) foundation devoted to “Earth Healing Through Action.” Under the tutelage of Enzo Nastati from the Eureka Institute in Italy, we have been trained in a multifaceted approach based on the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner and the principles of Biodynamic (BD) agriculture. BD, taken to a higher level, is known as Trinium (sometimes referred to as Homeodynamics).


Aspen Moon Farm

Aspen Moon grows a variety of seasonal vegetables, flowers, and Heritage grains as well as Biodynamic starter plants for your garden in the Spring. You can find Aspen Moon at Saturday Farmers Markets in both Longmont and Boulder April-November.

This Demeter Certified Biodynamic farm is located at 8020 Hygiene Rd., Longmont, CO 80503.
Farmstand (seasonal) & CSA pick-up location is 7927 Hygiene Rd., Longmont, CO  80503

For more info:

Happy Heart Farms

We offer training for new Biodynamic Farmers in our Home Grown Farmer’s program. We also grow CSA shares for low income families. For more info, please visit:

Meadowlark Hearth Biodynamic Farm

in western Nebraska
Demeter certified biodynamic seed and certified organic seed.
Farm website:

VISIT our farm and stay with us, lots of beautiful camping spots and good food. Experience Biodynamic food, family stays, classroom visits, internships.  Order through High Plains Coop so you can get our Biodynamic food directly in Denver

Read in the RS Agriculture Course what nourishment and Biodynamic Food mean for our social fabric and Spiritual Development.

In addition to our seed initiative, our Biodynamic farm produces vegetables, grass fed beef, raw milk from the original Holmes cow herd.  Our Biodynamic vegetables and sometimes our meat are offered online in Colorado through High Plains Food Coop and are brought to Denver where they are distributed throughout the Front Range by High Plains.  Meadowlark Hearth spreads out over 492 acres in western Nebraska. You can see our current Meadowlark Hearth product listings on the

Internship information

Check out our retreats on the events page


Colorado (Western) North Forks Valley Biodynamic Community

For more information please contact:

 Pat Frazier

 Peace & Plenty Farm

 29581 Redlands Mesa Road, Hotchkiss, CO 81419

 Biodynamic herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers & drought tolerant perennials. email, phone 970-261-1724 or

Lloyd Nelson

Lloyd lives in Paonia, Colorado, and has a Biodynamic Spray, Consult and BD Preparation making service. He is a builder, artist, biodynamic educator, and farmer. He studied extensively at the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics (JPI) and has worked on biodynamic projects throughout the United States. email, phone 828-989-1078

Light Root Community Farms

Light Root Community Farm is horse-powered, biodynamic farm and grass-based dairy located in Boulder, Colorado. The Farm creates healthy and diversified farm ecosystems that nurture the land, produce life-giving food, and cultivate a direct relationship with the local community. Light Root Community Farm offers 100% grass-fed raw milk shares, veggie shares, pastured eggs, and grass-fed beef and pork.

Living Earth Agriculture Foundation (LEAF) is the Farm’s nonprofit branch that offers a variety of on farm education opportunities for future farmers, local schools and the general community.

For more information about the farm and our education programs please visit our website or contact us here.


The Cresset Center for Agriculture, Ecology and the Arts is Seeking Biodynamic or Organic Farmers for the Historic Henry H. Uhrich Farm on the Northern Front Range of Colorado

The Cresset Center for Agriculture, Ecology and the Arts, located in Larimer County, Colorado is seeking 1 to 2 new farmers committed to biodynamic, organic, or regenerative agriculture. The Cresset Center is a project of:

  • The Cresset Farm Development Initiative, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization
  • The family of Dana Burns, owners of the historic Henry H. Uhrich Farm

The mission of the Cresset Center is to inspire the ecological and social imagination of the residents of the northern front range of Colorado and beyond by creating a sanctuary for bio-diverse agriculture, wildlife, community education, cultural exchange and the arts on the historic Henry H. Uhrich Farm.

The Goals of the Cresset Center are to:

  • Inspire, encourage and facilitate the protection and ecological management of farmland on the northern front range
  • Host farm stays and ongoing educational programs for children, youth and adults that inspire ecological stewardship, social awareness and agricultural common sense
  • Preserve the rural character and agricultural wisdom of the northern front range and its pioneering farmers
  • Serve as an incubator or accelerator for small, successful organic and biodynamic farms
  • Create a sanctuary for bio-diverse agriculture, wildlife, community education, cultural exchange and the arts on the historic Henry H. Uhrich Farm

The Historic Henry H. Uhrich Farm includes 120 acres of mixed topography on the eastern border of Larimer County, CO near the town of Kelim. The 120 acres includes approximately 60 acres of tillable land and 60 acres of mixed pasture, wetlands, bluffs with some extraordinary views of the front range and beautiful frontage along the Big Thompson River. The land has been farmed biodynamically and/or organically for the last 22 years with good soil fertility. Crops grown include rye, barley, corn, alfalfa, hemp and vegetables. Livestock operations are also a possibility on the land, and there is already a small resident population of beef cattle and sheep. Sara’s Pick of the Coop, a successful pastured poultry operation, is also currently being operated on the farm. The land is associated with water rights including 50 acre-feet of CBT (Colorado Big Thompson) and 1 share of the Reorganized Farmer’s Ditch. At present we are under negotiation with the NRCS and Colorado Open Lands for a conservation easement on the property. There is tremendous development in the area which adds some pressure to the farm, but also presents opportunities for a customer base for agricultural products, education, and farm experiences. See some photos of the property below.

What we are seeking:

  • One to two new farmers who are capable of managing and running a successful organic or biodynamic farm business. We are open to all types of operations: vegetable, crop and livestock, dairy, herbs, nursery, etc.
  • Preferred but not required:
  1. Farmers who already have a successful farm business that could be operated from or expanded at The Cresset Center
  2. Farmers with a minimum of five years’ experience managing a successful organic farming business
  3. Training or experience in biodynamic agriculture
  4. Training or experience in permaculture
  • Farmers aligned with the mission of the Cresset Center and willing and able to collaborate with other farmers on the land and with the different people and entities working to build up the Center

What we can offer:

  • Certifiable organic farmland
  • Opportunity for a long-term affordable lease
  • Use of existing infrastructure and planted crops including:
  1. Water Rights
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Various outbuildings
  4. Cropland planted to winter rye
  • Space for a yurt, tiny home, trailer or other types of low impact living quarters
  • Possible compensation for on-farm conservation, beautification and permaculture type projects and/or supporting the educational and community events of the Cresset Center
  • Help promoting your business and building up a customer base
  • Possible support for moving expenses
  • Possible help securing seed capital for business development and expansion

Start Date: Winter/Spring 2021

For questions or to apply please send a resume and cover letter to:

Dana Burns