Dear members and friends,

Your Denver Branch does it’s best to modestly support other initiatives and needs in our area in addition to occasional events for which there are expenses. Without your help none of this is possible.

For everyone’s convenience we have recently added a paypal option to aid in paying branch dues or for the making of donations hassle free.



All activities are supported by gifts and dues. Any amount of support is appreciated. Regular dues are $50 per year, or whatever you can manage. We welcome our members enthusiasm and initiative in arranging events.

Thank you to those who have fulfilled their dues obligations and a reminder to those who may have forgotten.  The Branch has very recently reinstated its 501c3 tax status which makes donations tax deductible.

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Denver Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Colorado
P.O. Box 100520
Denver, CO 80250

Painting by Marie Peters Bodette